Deus Ex Learns Japanese, Gets Trigger-Happy

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is on show at TGS, with this flashy new trailer, now with added angry Japanese voices.

You've seen much of the footage before, but some is new, and the Japanese voice-over will be new to most as well. I like it! Somehow gives the whole thing a Ghost in the Shell vibe, which is never a bad thing.


    I didn't hear any Japanese in there?

    Yeah I don't hear any Japanese either. Would love to see some new in game video.

    Better be on Steam.

    Hot Damn! this looks good.
    I was a bit hesitant when I heard it was going to be set in a time before the original Deus Ex, but this looks spanking hot.
    No offense to the console gamers, but I hope nothing gets compromised in this version.

    I imagine you'll need quite a high end PC to run this at full specs.

    I think the voiceover chick was Japanese...

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