Did You Win? Civilization V Competition Runners Up

Last week, we asked you to Photoshop objects that were normally a different shape, into a hexagon, for the chance to win a copy of Civilization V. The five winners will also win a CivAnon T-shirt and CivAnon badge, so the public may know about your tendencies to spontaneously declare war, or demand gold from Coles assistants to even the trade. These are the entries that almost made it.

[imgclear] We give Joel full points for creativity. But when caught in an emergency, you’ll be wishing there was a zipper.

Perhaps this new model wouldn’t have defences penetrable by a small, one-man fighter?

I would seriously buy one of these if they existed.

More sides means more muscles, I guess…

Rather than just carry the pictures in sideways, Rhys made some modifications.

The greatest invention since…

We did get a lot of laptop/monitor entries. But it was only fair to make note of the best of them…

We did get a lot of entries in this competition, and there was lots of quality. Unfortunately, not all of them could be posted, so we’re sorry if yours was left out. In just a short while we’ll announce the winners. Are you going to eat that?


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