Did You Win? Civilization V

Did You Win? Civilization V

Okay, we’ve made you wait long enough. The following five entries win a copy of Civilization V, as well as a CivAnon T-shirt and CivAnon badge. Right after this message from our sponsors.

For details about the competition, hit up the main page. Now without further ado, the winners!

[imgclear] There’s a game in this somewhere…

All I can say is, well bloody done sir.

Tango was the kid in kindergarten who tried to fit the hexagonal piece into the square hole.

I actually expected more of these – but the fact that this entry discouraged others to imitate out of sheer quality says something. And in good taste.

We also got lots of space entries. But Wes has actually been to Saturn, and snapped this enlightening photo.

A big congrats to those who won, and if you didn’t, there’s always next time. And well done to you all for suggesting the idea in the feedback thread – personally I thought this comp was pretty awesome.

If you won, hit up our email with your full name & address so we can send you your prizes.

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  • Thanks for a great comp, Junglist!

    Mine was the Mr Strong entry. Really enjoyed this, even if I didn’t win.

    Congrats to the winner (ps the work on that planet is amazing!)

  • Wooooooot!! Yaaaaay! I’m very happy – congrats to the other winners too; and bad luck to the other sterling entries. No wonder it took Junglist all day to pick the winners, there was heaps of quality work. Here’s to hoping they run another Photoshop competition in the future! (only thing I’m good at)

  • Aww Jung didn’t like my MS Paint skillz. I guess a hex monitor wasn’t unique enough.

    Anyone else notice the Commodore 66 has a rectangular space bar? =)

    • Well, after the significant amount of work that went into the rest of it, and my desire to stick to pure hexagons, I decided that I could maybe get away with it. πŸ™‚

      Thanks to Jung and the Kotaku team, grats to the other winners, respect to the other entrants.

      Joshes FTW!

  • AWWW shattered πŸ™ Mine was another gamecube shop.

    Well done guys. LOL at good game shop. Was gonna mention something about that but thought it might ruin my chances. C64 would have taken a bit of work well done. I’m shattered I didn’t get up there but next time you guys run a photoshop comp I’m there.

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