Did You Win? Tickets To The Dead Rising 2 Launch Event

Last week, THQ gave us 15 pairs of tickets to attend the launch of Dead Rising 2, and all you had to do was provide the most important rule to follow during a zombie apocalypse. Did you win?

Some of you would clearly survive such an event, whereas some were more concerned with recreational activities with female zombies, and some of you just plain chose to give up. Below is a list of the winners, and for those of you who skipped the zombie apocalypse class at school, consider this your comprehensive guide.

Jacob had this bit of wisdom...

September 10, 2010 at 5:57 PM Always have a strong melee weapon, not a baseball bat, not a shovel. A crowbar would be good. Its light enough to continue swinging, and strong enough to last.

Minic might not want to attend the launch, as it's in the heart of Sydney...

September 10, 2010 at 6:01 PM Get out of the city. Rural towns mean less zombies and more easily-obtained food and resources. If the countryside nearby is rugged, all the better; as we all know, zombies can’t climb.

Xerxes has given meticulous thought, worthy of a Persian general, to the makeup of your squad...

If you are Johnny “Everyman”, surround yourself with a smart talking partner, and a sexy lady. If movies have taught me anything, these are the people that get eaten by zombies first, giving you vital seconds to escape. Note: If you are the smart talking partner or the lady, make sure to be gritty and tough, but also look surprisingly good while wet and dirty. This should ensure your survival… as long as you stay away from Johnny “Everyman”…. Or else you better start practicing your slurred “brainsssss” zombie acceptance speech.

Mic - you're as cold as ice.

September 10, 2010 at 7:41 PM If someone gets bitten DO NOT LET THEM COME WITH YOU. You’ll just get into a situation where they’ll turn into one when you’re not looking, you’ll turn around and they’ll jump you.

Reece Offer providing some good advice, for all times really.

September 10, 2010 at 8:10 PM Don’t stuff meat down your trousers.

Good Point Richard...

September 10, 2010 at 9:36 PM A baseball bat never needs to reload

We figured by the time the zombies are done reading FatShady's essay, he'd have disappeared...

September 10, 2010 at 10:02 PM My rule for surviving a zombie apocalypse is as follows: Rule #58 – Never be the smartest guy in the room. Let me explain. Zombies are dumb. Zombies like brains. Using dumb zombie logic, smart people have more brains than dumb people, therefore smart people would seem to be a more appealing meal. Think about it, would you rather eat a thick juicy steak or a half serving of tofu? The beauty of this rule however is that actual intelligence does not matter, the perception of intelligence is sufficient. As soon as you get some spare time, gather as many white lab coats, pants with suspenders even some short sleeve business shirts with clip on ties. When you meet other survivors, offer them some of your clothing swag as a welcoming gesture to keep them warm and comfortable. Tell them that you have found a couple of pens that would be worth keeping for later, and that they just hold on to them by placing them in their shirt’s top pocket. As soon as you are being chased by the zombie mob though, it’s time to shine. Take off your jacket to reveal a ‘Kevin 07′ T-Shirt, then suggest to the mob that your ‘friend’ can recite pi to over 50 decimal places. After this, you should simply be able to calmly walk away. If all of your Kevin 07 shirts are too bloody to keep wearing, then a ‘Conroy 13′ shirt will actually work pretty well. … and it should go without saying now, if you havent surrounded your house with sunflowers, pea-shooters and frozen watermelons, you might as well just sit back and wait for Zombie Disco Stu (Formally M.J.) and his mates to finish you off.

WAXT brought his high school dramas into it...

September 11, 2010 at 12:39 AM Don’t risk your neck for ANYBODY. If she wasn’t going to date you earlier, she certainly isn’t going to now that everyone she knows is dead or, well, undead.

Poring inadvertently suggests an awesome idea: zombie Rambo. September 11, 2010 at 7:38 AM The most important rule is to “STICK TOGETHER TEAM!”; with at least 2 armed persons to a group to watch each others back. Rambo’s tend to be the first one outted.

Gene Venables, in the heat of the moment, would resort to philosophy...

September 11, 2010 at 12:21 PM Rule #1: Find out which canon you’re in. If you in the Romero canon you should be ok. If you’re in the 28 days later canon you’re in alot more trouble…

Samuel Webster

September 12, 2010 at 5:02 PM Always Travel around with lots of unfit people.

Twistedaussie wants you to see his boomstick.

September 13, 2010 at 9:06 AM When you have to chop off your possessed zombie-hand, chainsaws make an excellent replacement. Groovy.

Parad0xian played a bit of Plants vs Zombies before the competition...

September 13, 2010 at 12:08 PM Row 1: Sunflowers Row 2: Snow Peas Row 3: Repeater Row 4: Walnuts Remember, Cherry Bombs save lives.

Bad move, Nate. Bad, bad move...

September 14, 2010 at 8:26 PM Zombies are people too, guys. If we just stopped and listened to what they have to say, I’m sure we’d ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FACEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT’S EATING MY FAAAAAAAACCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

That's not very Indiana Jones, Grimjinx...

September 14, 2010 at 9:13 PM There is nothing worth going back for.


These 15 winners can join us Wednesday night for a screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife, and those who choose to whip out the fake blood, make a few fake wounds (or even some real ones), and generally dress up zombie-style will win prizes. Not little'un prizes like pens, either. Big'uns.

Congratulations if you won! I'll send an email to the winners for your addresses, and notify THQ of who's likely to survive if the undead attack.


    Enjoy the night all. Must say I am dissapointed as I am a massive Zombie culture fan and have a pretty hard core fetish when it comes to all things Zombie (it's a sickness, I know). Bummer though as I actually put effort in to make real, helpful advice and made references to well known Zombie franchises as oppossed to going the "Don't stick meat down your trousers" route, lol. As funny as that is, yeah, seems to be a rule one should follow most days. Particularly if you go out in public at all where people walk their dogs etc. Ah well, have fun and look after your "braaaaaainsss"! ;)

      Looks like there's an opening. How bout it Misato?

        Awesome! Wait a minute... You aren't gonna say "Psych!" if I accept are you? Lol. My Zombie Fever is a legitimate sickness, it's not fair to tease the handicapped.

          He won't say "Psych!", as I can't make it.

    While I am very flattered that I was chosen as one of the recipients for this incredible prize, I live in Brisbane, and I would be unable to have time off and organise flights in such a short amount of time. Please give my tickets to someone else who you think deserves them.

      I'll take it!

      I've been hanging for this games since I finished the first one :)

      I vote for Misato.... Sounds like he really wanted it so why not!

      Also, I am stoked that I got in. I have lined up my buddy and we are good to go!!!!! Now, if I can think up a zombie costume in 48 hours....?????

        You vote?? When did the internet become a democracy?

        @Jung I've been a massive zombie fan from way back and have a ridiculously extensive collection of movies, games and comics - especially Marvel Zombies!

        If another ticket comes free, pls keep me in mind, i'm aboslutely hanging for this game.

        In fact, I live in Hobart, am staying in Canberra for a few days and will hire a car and drive to Sydney just for the launch.

        *super keen powers!*


          You are right. Dictatorship all the way. Sorry for my lapse in judgement. Lol.

            All power to the Elders of the Internet! Lol

            I hope I can come, can't wait to see the sweet zombie costume action!!!


        Actually, "he" is a "she" but thanks none the less, lol ;)

          Sorry, it took me a day or so to figure out that I was the stoopid one who made the mistake. Sincere apologies. It is a very easy assumption to make.

          Given that the large majority of people that i have spoken to around the gaming circles are men more often than not if you assume its a dude you are OK.

          I am actually a fan of female gamers and I really think there should be more around. One that likes zombies also is just a plus ;).

          I will try to be more gender neutral in the future...

          Are we cool??? If not, tomorrow night is gonna be really uncomfortable if you figure out who i am!

    Thank you! Loved the original, so k33n.

    Unfortunantly Due to my fears of mass zombie outbreak(work) i can not come.
    So i relinquish my tickets.

      Jacob, please tell me ur penchant for brains has got you toying with my emotions.
      Im a very sensitive person... Are you serious!!?!?
      Would you be ever so kind to relinquish ur bounty of the tix to myself??

      Id be most grateful!

    Jung, PLEASE if there happens to be another opening (lucky you Misato!) please spare a thought for us zombie mauled stragglers.

    I was even entertaining the thought of what I'd wear had i been fortunate, but alas... Not enough to make the cut.

    Congrats guys, top notch advice there :D

    well done to everyone - that's some a-grade stuff there :)

    "These 15 winners can join us Wednesday night for a screening of Resident Evil: Afterlife"

    I thought these were PRIZES, not PUNISHMENT?

    In, in case there are any openings. :P

    If anyone else is unable to attend, a mate and I would be massively grateful to take your places.

    I didn't even see this comp! MAN! WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME!

    Congrats to all the winners! Should be a fun night! Hope someone's gonna drop a review of the film in talk amongst yourselves once it's over too! ;)

      mate, I'll be there so I'll try to give some info. i jokingly said to a mate thart i'll record it with my phone and just upload a copy... *Enter the federal Police to take me away*

      I'll say what i can.

      I have never seen any of the movies before so my review will be like:

      Then a guy said to a girl that this thing was gonna happen, and then it did!.

      I will do my best.

    Anyone know when we are going to get the details of where we need to go etc? I have to organise to leave work early plus figure out exactly how to get to this mysterious "Eastern Suburbs" location as I'm coming down from Newcastle. Usually these events are in the Darling Harbour/ City area, I at least know how to get there, lol.

      I actually just jumped on here to ask the same question. I am in sydney so not as much of an issue but at this point, I will be gonig to the eastern suburbs - amazing race style and trying to figure it out.... Any help Jung? If this can be sent today it would be awesome.

      See my e-mail account is a hotmail account and i can't check it at work. if i don't hear it tonight, then I can't read the e-mail tomorrow so i'm stuffed..... Cheers

    Hey Jung, are Jacob's or any other tickets still floating around?

    Can I tell you how much I liked the first Dead Rising game: I bought it as soon as it came out, finshed it to get all the endings, even got the Zombie Genocider achievement for killing 53,594 zombies (and hence the Mega Man plasma blaster).

    Then I had my XBox and all the games stolen.

    I bought a new one, and another copy of DR, and did it all over again straight away :)

    Please, please, pretty please, don't let any tickets to tonight's launch go to waste!

    I am super keen as super mustard!!!


      Please Jung !!

      I second DSlams comments !
      If there be any more tickets....

      I mean, I happen to have a canoe paddle, 2 chainsaws and duct tape at home...don't make me re-enact my own apocalypse in my neighbourhood. Please......I mean, you wouldn't want that on ur conscience.

      ...I'm just saying.

    The night was fantastic! Thanks Kotaku!

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