Did You Win? Valkyria Chronicles II PSP Game & DLC

Last week, in celebration of Valkyria Chronicles II, the good prophet Goose asked you to write a Gallian haiku. And while many made the shortlist, there can only be 10 winners – each who’ll receive a copy of the game AND it’s first lot of DLC. So, did you win?

The 10 winners and their entries are displayed below.

Welkin Gunther here,
Fighting for my friends and Gal-
Oh cool, a rare bug!

Gallian student
Final exam is battle
Grade is permanent

What the hell is this
Valkyria Chronicles
Belongs on PS3

Nestled between palms,
water canvas in motion.
Damn, I missed my stop!

Valkyria has
Too many syllables to
make a good haiku

Sporadic Rager
Tanks would be OP,
but for their glowy weak spot,
I love/hate Lancers!

Lancer sneaks round tank
Not minding radiator
Thunderclap, steel rain

Death is permanent
Lose a soldier – hit reset
Leave no man behind

leap over rubble
take aim against broken wall
damn, outta AP…

Grass hides my last foe
Patience ebbs, frustration grows
Coward! Where are you?!

Thanks for all your entries – and for those who won, you should be receiving an email from us soon. If you don’t by the end of today, be sure to send your name & address to us, so we can send you your prize!

We’ll announce the winners of the Dead Rising comp (the first one) soon…


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