Disgaea 4 Lights Nippon Ichi's Darkest Hour

After a seriously disastrous year, Nippon Ichi Software falls back on a proven breadwinner to help heals its wounds, readying Disgaea 4 for release on the Japanese PlayStation 3 in February.

You can expect more pointy-haired protagonists with dubious grasps on the concepts of good and evil when Disgaea 4 hits Japan on February 24, 2011. Judging by the trailer, we'll see more character stacking, more impressive special attacks and more Prinnies than you can shake a well-balanced group of adventurers at.

Between this and the girl-spanking game, Nippon Ichi should be back in the black in no time.

Disgaea 4 Japanese Website [Nippon Ichi Software - Thanks Keferif!]


    I really hope so.

    Let's hope this time we don't get $80 of DLC that's already on the disc.

    No Prinny 3 for the PSP? :(

    Never played the previous games but this game does look good.

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