Diving In To Rock Band 3's Keyboard Play

In this video, Rock Band 3 senior designer Sylvain Dubrofsky walks us through just how the keyboard play is going to work in Harmonix upcoming rhythm game.

The game always shows 10 keys' worth of music. That range stays the same on the keyboard in easy and medium but begins to shift around in hard and expert, Dubrofsky said.

Harmonix CEO and co-founder Alex Rigopulos says this is the next step in pushing his games closer to the reality of playing real music.

Rock Band 3 hits North America on October 26 and the rest of the world three days later. It's coming to the PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 and DS.


    Launch of 26th October AND Power Of Love?

    Harmonix MUST be BTTF fans.

    shame is has such a terrible tracklist.

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