Do You Love Cars As Much As Gran Turismo 5 Loves Cars?

With the final, actual release of Gran Turismo 5 less than two months away, it's time to start ramping up the promotion for the game. In Japan, that involves hundreds of cars careening down a slide.

It's cute, it's catchy, and between the song and the volume of vehicles on display pretty much sums up what Gran Turismo is about. Even the damage modelling looks spot-on!


    i ask everyone, what has October ever done for you?
    OK, the Germans like their beer & yanks like to get dressed up, but that's it, so, let's just boycott October this year.

    oh yeah, i love cars.

      Fable 3, Rockband 3, BlazBlue, Force Unleashed 2, Vanquish, Fallout Vegas.

      That's a fair bit October's doing for me :P

        sorry i couldnt hear you over the awesomeness that is going to be GT5...
        but seriously, i will play FV & FU2... just not once November arrives.

          Hear, hear!

          I am also very excited for Fu2 and Fallout and will get them but fallout 100hr game and GT5 is many hundred hour game OH GOD WHERES THE TIMES.
          Still even if I have NO time I'm getting all 3.

          I love cars, I love cars YEAH!

        Looks like I am going to be broke for the foreseeable future with all of these titles coming out :p

    I probably don't love cars as much as them... but you know what I love more than they do?

    Getting shit done.

      I think you make the foolish mistake of misunderstanding how much shit needs to get done for a game like this.

    Yeah, but they get their shit done RIGHT.

      950 cars right.

        Oh snap!

      As long as you don't count Prologue, which was ....wrong

    GT5 Prologue was ok to fill in a bit of time, but I finished it in a couple of weeks. I'm a 40yo car nut and I can't wait for GT5!! Are there any other Aussie cars in it?

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