Doctor Who: The Adventure Games Scores A Second Season

With the first three episodes downloaded more than 1.6 million times and a fourth episode on the way, the BBC reveals plans to continue the groundbreaking Doctor Who: The Adventure Games with a second season in 2011.

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games has been a tremendous success for the BBC and developer Sumo Digital, not only giving gamers a way to connect with the 11th Doctor and his companion Amy Pond outside of the television series, but also giving a large number of non-gaming fans their first taste of PC gaming.

"Given the success of the first series, we'd be daft not to recommission," says Simon Nelson, head of multiplatform in vision, BBC. "But it's not just about the numbers; the feedback we've had has been overwhelmingly positive. Our audience has been introduced to a new form of drama - and, for many, these have been the first computer games they have downloaded. We've set new standards in audience participation - and we think we've really helped push the concept of families actively playing together. I can't wait to see what the team does next."

Perhaps this series is a harbinger of things to come. One day many of our favourite television shows could have interactive gaming elements that tie directly into the continuity that glues us to the screen every week.


    Has anyone else actually played these games? I've found them interesting in terms of story, but far too easy and repetitive. In fact, they're still using the same puzzles from the first game in the third installment! I understand they're meant for kids... but maybe a harder option for the second season? Or older Dr Who fans? I wouldn't mind paying more than $5 for a full blown Dr Who Adventure.... But then I suppose the UK does get them for free....

    "Given the success of the first series, we’d be daft not to recommission".
    Soooo English.

    So the dream is to put Steven Moffat, Russel T Davies and Neil Gaiman all in a room together to invent a new adventure game series.

    Somewhere between Gabriel Knight and Myst?

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