Does Halo Even Need A Movie? Nah

At one time, Microsoft was in Hollywood, meeting with movie producers and trying to make a Halo movie. It didn't happen. And while Microsoft hasn't given up, the question remains:

Does Microsoft even need to make a Halo film?

"I don't know if we need a Halo movie," Microsoft Game Studios exec Phil Spencer told Kotaku. "If the right scenario came up, I could see us entertaining it. I don't think it's an integral part of where we are going."

Earlier this year, Frank O'Connor from Microsoft's Halo branch, 343 Industries, noted that if Microsoft did make a Halo film, things such as toys, apparel, music and publishing would "grow exponentially". O'Connor is right - those aspects would grow exponentially. But that makes it seem as though Halo isn't already a huge cultural juggernaut.

"I think it has moved beyond movies," Spencer added. "That doesn't mean we would shut the door on the possibility. I don't think it's a requirement." It's not. It's not at all.


    Personally I have to agree, people remember Halo as a game, and there's not really anywhere that a film could really touch on. They should continue doing what they did with Halo: Legends, short stories that touch on the Halo universe as a whole

    After seeing District 9 I find it hard to imagine a Halo movie that would be as good as the Neil Blomkamp/Weta effects movie I can imainge.

    Personally I'd rather have no Halo movie than an average to crap Halo movie. If the words Paul WS Anderson are even uttered my impotent geek rage will burn fiercely (and impotently).

      Neill Blomkamp's Halo: Landfall shorts were rough but still fantastic. He really knows how how to build atmosphere (the opening shot of the cruiser with the flame underneath the camera to create a heatwave effect was inspired) and make action feel gritty and engaging.

      Without Blomkamp, I fear that a Halo movie would turn out like any other game movie.

    Before Reach released I decided to read some of the Halo expanded universe novels, and I must say, the whole thing is EXTREMELY AVERAGE. It doesn't help that Reach almost completely contradicts the Fall of Reach and the history of the Mjolnir Mk V armor that Master Chief received just before the original game.

    There are so many better military sci fi books and stories out there that would deserve a movie deal over this mundane universe.

    Bungie and the creators of Halo. They made the story, the arc the universe. They didn't hire some dude to write a novel. Some dude just wrote a novel.
    Of corse it will 'contradict' if you say it does or be completely different. It may be a popular novel amongst the gamers, but Bungie ain't gonna create a prequel to piece of 'work' that wasn't created by them. Its there franchise, well was, but there creation.

    I just don't wanna see a Halo film that appeals to kids, teens and adults. I wanna see a Halo film for what it is. Halo - a M rated or MA rated game translated into a M or MA rated film. It will be a while before a film is created - but I don't wanna see it all kiddy'd up for mass appeal. It just so happens that Halo is a great FPS that 7 year olds force there parents to buy it for them.

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