Donkey Kong Country Returns Introduces Us To Rambi

Meet Rambi, the rideable, sleepy-eyed rhinoceros who doesn't mind stepping on a few thorns in the name of giving Donkey Kong a ride in Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii.

Frankly, Donkey Kong Country Returns looks so incredibly straightforward there's not much more to add here, other than we hope that Miney the Mine Cart gets his own feature video, as does every thing that DK can ride.

So... excited about Donkey Kong Country?


    Hell yes. I've been waiting for another 2D DK game I can't wait for this, I have faith Retro will do a great job with it.

    hell yer excited about donkey kong :D

    Isn't the same rhino who was in the original? Re-introduction, then, surely?

    Hell yes! DK on the SNES was the bomb.

    Look like that signature platform gameplay is set to make a comeback with this title.

    I rarely play my Wii but this game and 4 player mario bros are must have games.

    I need a clean pair of shorts! MY god this looks amazing! DKC was my life when i was 12!

    Very excited, i'd consider trading the Wii in now if it weren't for this game coming up!

    my God I have to buy a wii.... I never see the day coming...

    I'm still kinda worried about this. Only playing Donkey Kong removes all the team abilities you had in DKC2 and 3, which added a lot to the gameplay (mostly in finding secrets).
    And then in that regard, we don't yet know whether there's going to be any DK coins or bonus coins, or even a world map.
    At best right now it looks like it'll be a prettier version of the first DKC.

      then you clearly didn't watch ANY other videos of the game which actually featured team gameplay, etc..

      you seriously sound like the typical cynical given up hope on today's revivals

      while agree a lot of them are shit, and no doubt the new Goldeneye will not live up to this even close, I genuinely think DKCR is a great attempt

        The team gameplay is only when using two players. One player will only control DK, and so will not have any team abilities. Unless they're going to force you to play with another person to find the secrets, then it's not going to use the team actions like DKC2 and 3 did.

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