Don't Buy The New Crackdown 2 Add-on (Yet)

Crackdown 2 players who downloaded the newly released Toy Box add-on for the Xbox 360 game are finding their games on lockdown. Reports from readers and the official Xbox support forums indicate today's DLC is a bit broken.

Crackdown 2 players are reporting that the Xbox 360 game will freeze up when attempting to load. It appears that these technical issues are tied to the paid DLC released today, the Premium Toy Box Pack, not the free update that developer Ruffian Games has released.

According to Xbox support—and many Crackdown 2 owners—the only current fix is to delete the Premium Toy Box Pack files from your hard drive. We've reached out to Microsoft for further clarification.


    Thanks for the heads up. I just redeem my 1500 points code to buy it :o

    I'm not having any problems, but my friends are. We've narrowed it down to two possibilities:
    1. you need to download the free teaser of Toy Box and the Premium. (I did both)
    2. The bug occurs only to those who have the preorder bonus on the same hard drive as the Premium DLC (My friends have the preorder bonus and their games freeze up. I do not have the preorder bonus, mine works just fine).

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