Don't Expect Sony To Outspend Microsoft

Sony exec Peter Dille responds to a question regarding whether or not the company plans to spend more promoting the Move than Microsoft is spending on Kinect. Via the Seattle Times and CVG.


    Hmmm, i wonder how that wii work as they are clearly going to target the casual market with the move, and the casual market dosn't frequent places like kotaku.

      Research shows that word of mouth was Wii's biggest marketing form.

    I don't think Kinect will be able to compete with Move at all, so I don't think they'll need to. I actually want to get my hands on Move, Kinect just looks like gimicky garbage.

      I disagree, in a round-about way. I think Move will be more quickly suitable for gaming, but I think Kinect will be the first in a line of "game-changing" computer interfaces. Its not that crash-hot right now, but I'm thinking it will be.

    Does anybody else notice the way Kevin spells his signature makes it look like 'V.P.' are his initials?

    Trying to outspend Microsoft is like invading Russia over the Alps. In winter.

    Compare this to the smartphone OS Market. Windows Phone 7, lacking the healthy app marketplace of iPhone and Android, MS simply started giving app developers cash incentives = problem solved!

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