Dragon Age II's Hero Cleans Up, Becomes Female Real Nice

Hawke might be strong enough as a man, but he makes one damn fine woman. Bioware reveals the more feminine side to Dragon Age II's main character.

In order to tell a more compelling story, Dragon Age II features a main character much like Mass Effect's Commander Shepard. Players can choose between male and female versions of Hawke, the son of a noble family forced to flee the oncoming Blight. With the male version appearing in the game's official trailers, it seems pretty clear which version is the official version.

And now that I've seen the female version, revealed during PAX 2010, I'm damn sure which version I'm playing.

Now that's some heavy metal hotness right there.

So who else is planning on playing female now?


    Still waiting to see some actual game play, want to know if there anything of the first Dragon Age proper left in this game. Or if they've just caved to the marketing team and built a generic fantasy action game with some Mass Effect shoved in and shoved "Dragon Age 2" in as the title.

    Just because I liked Mass Effect doesn't mean I want all my RPG's to be the same. Variety is the spice of life.

    Don't know, I liked the girl on girl action in the first one. ;)

    She does much for me.

    still want my own charachter

    and since ME has custom chars i don't see why this one cant either

    Tho i much rather to make my own way like in DA1 as opposed to the way they still skew the char in ME so that theres little difference either way

    We can still change the hair and skin-tones etc can't we?

    I always play female characters in games, if I'm going to spend 50 hours staring at someones arse it might as well be that of a cute girl.

    Also there's a fair chance she'll be voiced by Jennifer Hale who has a voice like liquid sex...

    and once again i will be playing as a female, i never really find bioware's males particularly interesting.

    Fem Shep and Fem Hawke.

    Im liking having a strong female protagonist. Having a typical male warrior or "space ranger" so to speak is boring now.

    I can't help but feel the stat tracking used in Mass Effect 2 could explain a lot about the direction that Dragon Age 2 is taking... (or possibly stat tracking in Dragon Age: Origins itself).
    Either way I'm not happy about it.

    I am pretty sure you can customize looks of your character, I just hope its a bit more than ME2's character creation. These characters you see are Bioware's stock Male and Female Hawke characters.

    It annoys me greatly that they are going mainstream marketing with DA2, not to mention messing with the art style which pisses me off a little. I agree with Korwin, we will have to wait and see what they screw with it.

    I'll be playing female because the love interests for female characters have always been far superior to the love interest for male characters in there games.

    I quite like her, and although I'd like to customise her appearance, I guess I'd settle for that look. Since she's fully voiced, I'm not gonna complain too much. I really like the new art direction they've taken. DA:O was great, yeah, but it could have been so much better. I'm more in it for characterisation, art and plot than combat mechanics, so I'm not too concerned with how they change that.

    I played a female Shepard and mostly females in DAO, so I think I'll be a girl too here. Though if the game is very replayable, I'll do both genders.

    She certainly looks fantastic.

    As long as it's not Mass Effect 2 clumsily painted in Dragon Age colours... *sob*

    Holy moly... Shes HOT, I think im going to play female for the first playthrough ever...!

    Can you post up the actual girl that they modeled her on ? Like what they did with the female characters of Origins...

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