Dragon Con Cosplayers Will Cosplay Anything

No entertainment property was beyond the reach of Dragon Con's cosplayers in Atlanta this weekend, resulting in our 50-photo gallery featuring everything from Final Fantasy to Flo, the Progressive Insurance spokeswoman.

We could have taken cosplay photos for four days straight and still not captured all of the wonderful outfits visitors to this year's Dragon Con had to offer. Every time we stopped someone for a photo, two more costumes would pass by. Every time we turned around, there were G.I. Joe characters, Star Wars bounty hunters, comic book heroes, science fiction heroes and villains and many video game icons, just hanging about waiting to be photographed. Hell, we even found Waldo. Technically, we found two, but one was eating, and we didn't want to disturb him.

In terms of video game cosplay, we've got a Black Mage, a few Final Fantasy characters, some Team Fortress 2 players, a handful of Marios, some World of Warcraft fans and even a Ness!

Some of the non-gaming highlights include a team from N.C.I.S., Rufio from the movie Hood, some amazing Doctor Who costumes, steampunk Captain Marvel, the world's most adorable He-man, and my personal favourite, Flo from Progressive.

Special thanks to my fiancée/photographer Emily and her friend Alyson for their contributions to the gallery.

She's thinking tacos!

The Zoidberg in the background totally makes the picture.

Going Up?


Chun-Li needs to work on her thighs.

Poison in Reno! Someone call 000!



Well Halo there...

Blurry photo... on a stick.

Aeris died, but she lived? No fair.

I'll get non-blurry pics of this at BlizzCon in October, I promise.

One of these kids is not like the other...

They're everywhere you want to be.

All the ladies scream for the delicious taste of bloodthirsty Alien.

And you thought we'd make it through a cosplay post without a Cloud.

The Umbrella Corporation was holding a meeting in the hotel bar.


I'm not quite sure what's going on here.

This is actually a friend of mine named Q, posing as steampunk Captain Marvel. He has tanks on his back that serve refreshing water. Mmmmm,

Those damn Team Jacob guys are everywhere.

The obligatory Black Mage.

Peanut Butter and Jelly were too tired to stay and chat.

Without Crow T. Robot, he is nothing.

A Splicer! Go figure!

He's riding a seahorse.

Look! Four people cosplaying a show my 60-year-old-plus parents love!

It was at about this point my camera batteries died, and we were forced to use a mobile phone camera of lesser quality.

It's some steampunk guy!

Somebody help me out here.

He-man Unleashed! Er...

We found Waldo, can we keep her?

It's that lady from that thing!

Orcs. Why is it always Orcs?

The camera was going to focus, but then it got high.

Condensation forming on the camera lens caused this blur.

At some point we just started taking pictures of everyone, hoping they were cosplayers.

They gather together in nonsensical clumps.

Oh, that other video game assassin. How quaint.

My iPhone's Red Laser program refused to scan him.

Codex from The Guild. Nice!

Looks like someone found their groove.

Best cosplay idea ever.

This one borders on being Rude.

There's one in every crowd, if you look closely.

In brightest day...

Furious Mario Karting.

The Two Doctors.

Ness! And Kaylee, but Ness!



    "This one borders on being Rude."

    Oh you slay me.

    I wonder how many people Illidan knocked in the head with his wings everytime he turned around?


    it feels wrong to know who that was before looking at the tag. but really its just such an awsome movie.

      It is in no way bad to know who Rufio is.

      Hell, I even had the action figure :P

    My god Hook...it's been so many years since I've thought of that movie.

    It's a damn good thing my Missus didn't meet that David Tennant look alike. He pulls off the Doctor really well!

    I believe that is the poison mushroom from one of the mario games.

    is that dude in the alien suit the one that won a stack of cosplay comps in aus?

      Naw, it looks like there are some minor details that are different. Don't quote me on this, though.

    That 2nd dr who is eerie, its either him or someone pretty similar

    The 10th and 11th Doctor guys are pretty good.

    Rikku doesn't use guns...that's Yuna.
    Silly sexy lady.

    The 2 Doctors are freakin amazing! I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't actually Matt Smith

    Rufio: Can't believe someone cosplayed as this guy

    NCIS: This show actually has fans dedicated enough to cosplay?

    Russell from Up: Cute and very funny

    Those Doctors actually look HELL like the real ones... creepy...

    Saved the best for last


    DOCTORS!!!! AND RUFIO!!!!!!!!!

    Wow the doctors were surprisingly good! I was also a fan of Agent 47

    haha the Dr. Whos look amazing!

    And I can definitely see cosplaying N.C.I.S.

    And Progressive Girl? Wtf, but still pretty clever lol

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