Dungeon Siege 3 Gameplay Trailer

Square Enix is now in charge of the Dungeon Siege franchise, and this is the first proper sequel to be developed by a studio other than Gas Powered Games. Instead, it's Obsidian behind this one - the group that brought you Neverwinter Nights 2 - and series creator Chris Taylor will serve as advisor.

It's looking quite shiny - but with a 2011 release window, there's a little thing called Diablo 3 to worry about. If you're a fan of top-down clickfests, consider yourself soon to be spoiled.


    And if you aren't a fan of top-down clickfests, you need to take a good hard look at yourself :-)

    Having knocked off Torchlight, I have been rocking some Titan Quest again lately - running easily at full settings, its aged pretty well IMO.

      Damn you for mentioning Torchlight - I feel like playing it now

        Just send your pet to do it!

    Shaping up really nicely. Love the spell effects. I can handle being spoiled in twenty eleven. Gaming just keeps getting better!

    Didnt anyone watch the trailer? It doesn't look remotely like a top-down clickfest. This is 'consolation' of a most beloved franchise of the most evil kind. I'm hoping I'm wrong but this is looking an awful lot like a button-mash fest in the ninja gaiden tradition to me

    Anyone else spot the murlocs?

    Obsidian really seem to be the go-to-guys for anything sequel related.

    I always liked the Dungeon Seige method of increasing skill in abilities by repeated use of those particular abilities.

    It wasn't perfect, but I hope they maintain that same mechanic somehow, it was a unique way to create your character through gameplay, rather then the stock-standed class selection at the start, which would lock you in to a play style.

    i always enjoyed dungeon siege 1.

    is it just me or did the sound effects sound exactly like the d3 ones?

    I like Dungeon Siege 1 - I hated 2, and this look more like 2.. I mean there some nice effects but graphic and game play is old generation style. There is many amazing 3d graphics new generation games out there. As a gamer with over 10 years exp I don't think this game will hit hard... Just another for some ppl to try, but unfortunately it will not be a HIT i guaranty.. I was expecting something different, more modern and disappointed looking at trailers and screens. Also I think graphics are too dark - one of those game that will make your eyes tired after playing couple hours...

    I think they should just take first game (dungeon siege 1) with all great ideas it had (donkey, extra ppl, a lot of good drops etc) and just apply new modern graphics to it - I would play that any day..

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