EA Showing Off Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam At TGS

Next week, the Tokyo Game Show will take over the Makuhari Messe, showcasing the latest and greatest Japanese video games. On the eve of that show, EA will trot out its newest games, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Vietnam add-on.

The major expansion pack to this year's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will add four brand new maps, "Vietnam-specific weapons, vehicles, persistence, unlocks and achievements/trophies," according to the official Battlefield blog. It will also come with, presumably, the appropriate amount of Creedance Clearwater Revival tracks, or so we've been lead to believe by the add-on's teaser trailer.

We'll be at TGS 2010 next week to bring you the good word on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam and whatever else Electronic Arts plans to show off.

Tokyo Game Show — Get ready for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam! [DICE]


    I love you long time Battlefield Bad Company 2

      Aww, I was gonna say that :\

    Bad Company 2 has been sitting on the shelf for a while now and Vietnam will be a more than welcome reason to dust it off for a few more rounds of squad based mayhem.

    Still loving BC2 (haven't played COD since BC2 arrived). This will increase the love.

    As long as there's Creedence. I'm not paying good money for a Vietnam shooter with no Creedence in it.

      I agree with everything you said (especially Creedence) except I still play both. They are pretty equal in fun, it just depends on what I feel like. What system you got it on? We should play sometime. I have no online friends with Bad Co 2 xD

        I got in on Xbox. Add me if you want, gamertag is doifeellucky

    Excellent, I missed out on BF Vietnam because at the time my PC was crap. Now I can get some good vietnam action.

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