EA Shows Off Its First Nintendo 3DS Game, My Garden

Electronic Arts revealed at its Tokyo Game Show press conference today a new title for the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS, a gardening sim named My Garden.

Coming from the publisher's EA Play label, My Garden is said to incorporate the "beauty and complexity of the natural world". Your guide and the adorable mascot of My Garden is Tanuki, a mythical Japanese creature that's part raccoon, part dog. With Tanuki, you'll manage your garden, take pictures and share them with other Nintendo 3DS owners.

EA plans to release My Garden alongside the launch of the Nintendo 3DS - whenever that is - in North America and Europe. The publisher says it will release more information on My Garden next month.


    I wouldn't buy it, but that's real purty.

    Somewhat irritating developers are announcing (seemingly) casual games at TGS, though - who cares? There's an overabundance of fluffy games and I don't think TGS is their target audience, how about wowing us with a nice handheld Burnout or C&C?

    Unless 'My Garden' is good, then by all means continue.

    The Tanuki is a real animal, commonly known as a raccoon-dog.


    'Tanuki' always reminds me of Super Mario Bros 3...
    On topic, that screenshot looks pretty awesome, even if the title itself doesn't interest me.

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