EA Sports MMA Goes For UFC's Throat

EA Sports is not often in the position of the contender. It is with its mixed martial arts title, as THQ owns the UFC licence, the leading mark. That doesn't mean EA's marketing the game like a lightweight.

This latest trailer features a quote from the competition - THQ executive VP Don Gold saying, "there is nothing in that game [EA Sports MMA]that would entice me or anyone I know that's an MMA fan to buy it" - bookending a laundry list of features that EA Sports thinks are plenty enough enticing.

Given that UFC Undisputed recently announced its retreat from an annual cycle (going to 2012) and EA Sports MMA arrives in October, it's an opportune time for EA to offer a quote from the old guard running its mouth seven months ago. I don't know if many MMA enthusiasts will give much of a crap for the intramural scrape between these two publishers. I don't know how much attention they'll pay to all those details in that Star Wars roll-up at the end of the video.

I think what'll matter most are the head stomps and soccer kicks you see at the beginning. That shit looks brutal.


    i'm keen to give EA MMA a go, as much as i liked UFC2009, and having never played 2010 (which just looked like more of the same), EA MMA looks like it could be really good, with what seems to be a simplified control scheme, and some (undeservedly) forgotten fighters.

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