EA’s MMA Demo Now Available

EA’s MMA Demo Now Available

EA Sports are flying high at the moment. With the exception Tiger Woods’ little hiccup, and NBA Elite’s delay, their sports franchises are scoring goals. But they still haven’t tackled the “fastest growing sport in the world.” If you want a peek at how EA Sports is going to transition THQ’s UFC out of its currently dominant position, the MMA demo is here on PSN and XBLA. Or just watch the demo video below.

Yes, that makes it a “demo demo”.

The demo gives access to the “Fight Now” game mode as well as “MMA 101”, the tutorial. You’ll be allowed control of four fighters, across the Heavyweight and Middleweight divisions: Alistair Overeem, Bobby Lashley, Jake Shields, and Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

The below video may put a bit too much emphasis on shallow features like the red streak in Miller’s hair, the ref’s catchphrases, and being able to fight in a Japanese stadium. But it assures us, despite how it looks in some sections, that MMA is not a button mashing game. Depending on the quality of MMA 101, the tutorial could be an area to one-up UFC. The rest will have to be decided in the gameplay.

Sharing the demo (which can be done in-game) with enough friends will also unlock a Randy Couture model.

EA Sports MMA is released October 21st on 360 and PS3.


  • “EA Sports are flying high at the moment. With the exception Tiger Woods’ little sales hiccup, all their sports franchises are scoring goals.”

    With the additional exception of their NBA franchise (Elite) as well . . .

  • Regarding PSN, they normally go up later than XBL stuff, should be up within a few hours.

    Regarding the demo. Wow, never before has a demo moved me from a maybe buy to a don’t care at all, maybe it’s the sort of thing where time investment and increased skill that comes with it can make all the difference, however:

    The striking lacks weight, which is somthing you kind of expect from the company behind Fight Night, even when you land a kick to the head or something it just doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Grappling and Ground game seems far more effective than stand up fighting, every win I managed to secure was through mercilessly pummeling a guys face while he’s on the mat.

    Takedowns, especially from non-clinch positions are too effective, they come seemingly out of nowhere, and by the time you have a chance to hit the counter button you are probably already airborne.

    The AI will use takedowns ALOT.

    There’s potential here, but I don’t think it’s going to live up to many people’s expectations, maybe true MMA fans will enjoy more than I did, but as someone who isn’t after the particular sport and more just interested in a game that lets me participate in the gentlemanly art of pugilism, I’d currently recommend Fight Night Round 4 instead, or perhaps a WWE game, the striking to wrestling ratio will probably be better there.

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