Easy Credit Ripoff In Halo: Reach

This guy says he's found a wash-rinse-repeat way to rack up 20,000 credits in Halo: Reach inside of 10 minutes. I promise, I promise, I promise Naughty Bear is not going to jump out and say boo.

Boo. OK just kidding. Per YouTube user TheresPooOnMyShoe Here's the five-step process annotating that video above:

Step 1: Choose ONI:Sword Base in Campaign on Normal with free for all score.

Step 2: Run through the level till you can pick up the Target Locator.

Step 3: Walk to the door and wait for a "Checkpoint"

Step 4: Fire at the enemies!

Step 5: Press start, choose "Revert to last save" and let teh credits roll!

Reminds me of the free-money glitch in The Godfather: The Game. Sort of. This guy says he's made lite colonel off this. My guess is if the exploit is legit, it gets closed in the next week.

How to get 20,000 credits On Halo Reach In 10 Minutes [YouTube, thanks Josh H.]


    Yeah sadly its a one time thing... you will eventually never earn credits from this method again

      Is it really a big deal? I mean you get cR for pretty much everything in the game, just play it normally and you'll be rolling in them soon enough.

      How do you mean a one time thing? You can do it as many times as you want until you commendations are full, or you cred limit for the day is up. Still worth it if you want the cred :) Might give it a go, but i'm not really finding it hard to get cred anyways, much more fun doing it in firefight matchmakins :)

    In Bungie's weekly update they say that stuff like this is fine. I quote:
    "You won’t be banned for legitimately playing Reach. If you find some particularly fast way of earning Credits because you want to be the first person on the planet with thunder and lightning swirling your visage, we won’t ban you for that, either. Assuming you’re actually playing, your efficient means of farming Credits will only expedite your trip to the Daily Cap – it won’t send you to Banadu."

    Oh wow, that's a really clever way of exploiting. I wonder how they can fix it? You can't just delete a checkpoint from a mission, I assume...

    *cough* *cough*
    I think I'm coming down with a serious case of needing to go home from work sick so I can do this before they patch it.

    Like Jo said, they won't patch it, and it is legit. Bungie don't really mind since you are really ruining the game for anyone else.

    If armor actually affected the game in any way, then I can see this being patched, but the armor in Reach is just spartan fashion. =]

      Sorry that is suppose to say..
      "You AREN'T really ruining the game for anyone else"

    saw this before and tried it out myself. the checkpoint refused to activate until after I had used the designator on the enemies, so when i revert to last save, it was in the middle of me blowing them all up. also, as time goes on, you get less and less credits because of your commendations.

    Yeah it works. You'll get most of your credits by racking up all of your commendations, but once you stop earning those, it gets tedious as hell.

    Another good method is playing the Gruntpocalypse variant of firefight. You can play by yourself and you'll get an average of 1000 to 3000+ credits per game (obviously this depends on commendations and daily challenges as well).

    In the armoury, where it describes each piece of equiptment... anyone know if it does actually change the damage you can take or are they all just pure visuals?

    i think this is Just for Sad noobs i got to Major with out doing any noob shit like this.

    If i See Someone online i just look at there service record and if i see onyx Slash Damage then i label noobs and Teabag the shit out of them when i pwn them because they dont knoe how to play the multiplayer.

    i hate it how some noob who doesnt even know how to play the game can outrank me becuase he boosted like this or just played like Firefight Forever.

      Or went to work, spent time with their partner, played with their kids, invested time in their other hobbies, went to night school... etc.

      As expected from someone who uses "x"s in their username, I suppose...

        If he spent more time doing his English homework and less time getting 1337, he'd notice a marked improvement in his spelling and readability.

        /end parent.

      They do it because they want to unlock armor pieces without having to put up with players like YOU. YOU are the kind of player that ruins the fun in Halo multiplayer.

    Meh because people are going to do single player for ever just to get 6000 kills with a rocket to get the highest commendation... sorry id rather do this and get the dumb single player commendations out of the road!

    As others have said it's not really that much of an 'exploit'.

    It is a very time-effective method of accumulating credits so long as you have commendations and daily challenges to earn. However, once you run out of those it's only slightly faster than rocketfight in cooperative matchmaking.

    Also, it's *really* boring.

    wouldn't you earn more credits by moving through to the next section and targeting the wraiths? major XP for getting double kill on 2 wraiths plus other enemies near wraiths.

    and also, why do you have to set it on normal? wouldn't you get more CR on legendary?

    There is a way to get 1,000,000 points in ten minutes using firefight and augmenting the settings. you download the settings on the most downloaded list.
    I refuse to do it though. Pretty cheap.

    I can't believe people are already farming cRedits less than 2 weeks after launch.

    If they want to rank up so bad, but don't play Multiplayer, what is the point of ranking up? So they can be the highest in the lobbies, go Negative in games, and then migrate onto Black-Ops?

    It's an absolute joke. I really hope Bungie nerfs the cRedits received from Campaign and FireFight commendations after they lift the Level Cap.

      Maybe the point of ranking up is they like having nice armor for their single player N6? I like customising my Noble Six. I like having him look how I want him to look during the campaign. To have him how I want him though, I need to have a choice in armor. To have that choice, I need to rank up to earn credits and unlock pieces.

      Even if their rank is higher than yours, so what? Having a higher rank doesn't entitle them to infinite ammo, or permanent overshield, so it's not breaking the multiplayer game at all. Wheres the real complaint?

        You make a good point. I don't mind people doing it to get new armour. Maybe they want armour for Campaign or Firefight, but they don't like the Halo Multiplayer, that's fair enough. The people that get on my nerves are the ones who do it, then play Multiplayer and act arrogant.

        "Having a higher rank doesn’t entitle them to infinite ammo, or permanent overshield, so it’s not breaking the multiplayer game at all. Wheres the real complaint?"

        This is very true, and it got me thinking.

        Alot of the times that I see a Lt. Colonel, they're talking trash in the Pre-game lobby. Then when I check their Service Record, they have alot of Onyx ranks in Campaign/FireFight and usually not even a Gold in Multiplayer.

        Because of them talking trash, other people look at their Career and see that they farmed FireFight and Campaign. The idea that all high ranks must have farmed eventually makes it's way around the community, eventually causing most high ranks (even the ones who progressed through ranks in MP) to get instantly ridiculed for farming (without people even checking their commendations/MP kills), turning almost every lobby with a Major or Lt. Colonel from a quiter, more respectful game, into a game filled with endless trash talking.

        So after all that, I guess my conclusion is - No. It's not ruining the game itself, but it's impacting the community, which is still fairly important to the Multiplayer, especially in Australia, as it's so small, which means you'll most likely see alot of people again and again in Matchmaking.

        I don't know, maybe I am overexaggerating. I'll try to take less notice of it, but I really hope that people start checking Service Records before starting arguments, etc.

    One other thing, the biggest issue yet is that for those certain individuals who have silver accounts on live really get ripped off here. The higher the Commendations the less credits you receive per kill. In fact it gets to the point where some guns don't even give you points anymore.

    The only way to level up for a silver account is to, repetitively, play campaign or find some spot in the campaign that can hand them an onslaught of enemies that will help them reach that next rank in their commendations. Then on top of that once you reach your first silver commendation your credits per kill are reduced to almost half.

    So if your a silver account or a "anti-multiplayer" gamer with silver commendations and your trying to get that next ridiculous grade of warrant officer but can't make any more than two credits per kill using specific weapons it can be a pain. Granted ranking up should take time absolutely but going from completing a campaign mission and making 2,000cr at sergeant to making 148cr at Warrant Officer grade 3 is just a flat ripoff to gamers who either can't stand multiplayer (for whatever reason) or can't afford it. Doesn't that just seem even a little ridiculous?

    Just go into firefight for about an hour and you get rich!! but start a new game every hour otherwise you only get credits for that first hour... ;(

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