Enslaved Is More Than One Giant Escort Quest

In the latest developer diary for Ninja Theory's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, the fine folks at Ninja Theory explain how Monkey and Trip work together, all while standing in an abandoned home stacking monitors.

I quite like it when a developer tries to use compelling locations and nifty special effects to spice up their developer diaries, though sometimes I find myself so distracted by the backgrounds and effects that I miss the message they are trying to convey completely. In this case I know the video started off discussing how Monkey and Trip help each other out, but then I got distracted by the mournful wind howling through the windows of that run-down cottage they were filming in. The next thing I knew Monkey was beating up some robots and the whole thing was over.


    It sounds to me like some inspiration was taken from Donkey Kong Country 3. Monkey has a lot in common with Kiddy, Trip is superficially similar to Dixie.

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