Even Emirati Can't Resist Kinect And Lady Gaga

Kotaku reader Anas, in Dubai, was surprised to find a Kinect display at his local GameStop and even more surprised to see an Emirati getting down and funky to a little Lady Gaga.

If you're worried about looking silly while playing Dance Central on your Xbox 360, then you probably shouldn't do it in a public place where everyone has video recorders built into their mobile phones. This gentleman here seems to be completely lost in the rhythm without a care in the world. I wish I had his self-confidence. I'd be a dancing machine.


    my eyes! O___O
    what has been seen cannot be unseen

    Oh wow, I didn't realise that was a guy until I read it. Terrible!

    Wow... I am so glad I left that place.

    "It's like my inhibitions just disappeared!"
    "Oh they're back."

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