Even Move Can't Salvage The EyePet

There's not a whole lot you can do with the EyePet at this point to make it the sort of game I'd want to play.

Adding Move does give the video game toy a bit more depth and a whole lot of sizzle, but it's all still being applied to a game that looks increasingly dated, especially when so directly compared to the Move's graphics and technology.


    you just smacked the eye pet accross the face at the end of that vid D:

    Do we know if this this something that will be patched into the original eyepet, or will it be paid DLC?

    Cause call me crazy but using that card thing that came with the eyepet made this almost unplayable for me, I was looking forward to be be able to use something more accurate.

    It seems to have a noticeable amount of lag

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