Everything You'll Want To Know About The PlayStation Move

Should you buy the PlayStation Move? What's the best motion game on the PlayStation 3? What's the worst? What do you look like playing? Do dogs or cats cause interference? How do I set it up? How much does getting hit with a Move controller hurt?

We've spent an obscene amount of time with the PlayStation Move over the course of a week or so, playing games, testing theories, finding the best and the worst in Sony's upcoming motion-sensing peripheral. Later today, you're going to be able to read our deep, nuanced coverage of the add-on.

If you have any interest in motion gaming on the PlayStation 3 or you're curious about picking up the console add-on, bookmark this and come back later to start reading our exhaustive coverage.

The add-on hits in a few weeks. Are you picking one up?

PlayStation Move


    I have found out that the controller is actually a bit spongy. It never looks like it in the photos so it will have a nice feel to it I imagine.

    ... and yes, I will be picking it up.

      I googled that. It is! That is pretty cool, i was worried it would be rigid and susceptible to breaking. I'm quite tempted now to buy it. To get a starter pack will cost about $70 from zavvi, which is quite cheap. Hmmm.

    This didn't answer the question of whether or not it makes a good sex toy.

    I'm a little annoyed that most games they've demoed require two Move controllers, as opposed to a Move and Nav which was my first thought. Sure it makes for better motion tracking, but at $69.95 a controller, for someone to get started it is going to cost $169.90 (Starter Kit plus extra controller). And that's just for single player. Plus there are games that will require the Nav, so there's another $49.95.

    ...but even so, I've already got two Move controllers, two navs, two shooting attachments and a bunch of games on pre-order...

    ...curse you Sony.







      Also, I heard that some gays can have one or two controllers. I think it's only the fight that must have 2 controllers.

        I don't see what sexual orientation has to do with how many controllers you can use?

        Not sure what gays have to do with the playstation move. :-P And i certainly don't want to know what a gay's "controller" is.....

      If you are looking to save "a bit" of money... as far as I'm aware all games can be played without the Navigation Controller, if they are meant to use them.

      The substitute for them is actually your current DualShock controller, and it's not too horrendous to actually hold and use the controller that way.

    Yes, mostly just because I want to see how it plays with Little Big Planet 2.

    I can't wait to see how many of those little coloured balls get snapped off.

    dont forget guys, you can use a dualshock 3 as a nav controller if ur a bit short on funds day 1

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