Explore The Future Of Gaming At BAF Game 2010

Explore The Future Of Gaming At BAF Game 2010

The creative minds behind games like Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Fable III and Brink convene in November at the Bradford Animation Festival in Bradford, West Yorkshire, to discuss the future of gaming, and everybody’s invited!

BAF Game is the video game arm of the annual Bradford Animation Festival, organised in partnership with the University of Bradford and Screen Yorkshire’s Game Republic. As an arm of the BAF proper, the main focus is exploring the connections between video games, animation, and film.

To that end, BAF Game has lined up a whole slew of industry speakers. Ninja Theory’s Guy Midgley and James Stephenson will be on hand to discuss animation, motion capture and scriptwriting for Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Artists Tim Appleby and Laurel Austin from Splash Damage will talk character design in Brink. Lionhead animator Andy Brunton will examine his work on Fable III.

Fans of retro gaming will be delighted to see Charles Cecil, the creator of the Broken Sword series of adventure games and director of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

The show closes with a panel exploring the new wave of stereoscopic 3D technology, featuring Ian Bickerstaff from Sony’s stereo 3D team.

Tom Woolley, director of BAF Game said: “BAF Game gets more exciting year on year and continues to attract key speakers who can share the stories and challenges behind the games we play today. Anyone hoping to have a career in gaming should come along for the rare opportunity to hear some of the inside secrets that could help them break into the industry.”

BAF Game 2010 takes place November 9 and 10, the first two days of the full Bradford Animation Festival. For information on securing tickets, visit www.baf.org.uk.

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