Eyes Deep In The Magical Playstation Move Dox

We've posted more than a baker's dozen of Move reviews and 22 original videos showing off the gameplay and look of Sony's motion controller. But this post goes out to those of you who like the static.

I give you the Playstation Move guide in still images.

The guide is packed full of Move details like what the add-on is, how Sony thinks it compares to the Wii and Kinect, the pricing break down and an easter egg that shows off the Move's secret ability to change the ethnicity of the person playing the game... in mid gunshot.


    Me and my friend kept arguing and arguing about the Move and the Kinect. I told him to get the two launch titles lists and put them next to each other and compare. He shut up. Then he keeps rambling on about it again. I showed him that table above. He shut up. :)

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