Fable III Kingmaker Lets You Earn Gold On The Go

Fable fans will be able to amass a fortune in the kingdom of Albion well before the next Xbox 360 entry launches next month. And they'll do it on their smartphones with the soon-to-be-released Fable III Kingmaker.

The smartphone app was spotted by CVG in the latest issue of Xbox World magazine. Similar in style to Lionhead's Pub Games scheme for Fable II, Kingmaker will let players enjoy casual games that can earn them in-game cash in Fable III.

Fable III Kingmaker brings the conflict between "the tyrant king's Royals and the revolutionary Rebels" of Albion, letting players call the shots in smartphone-based battles.

CVG offers the following description of the game: "Your mission, should you be foolish enough to accept it, is to plant virtual flags for the Royals or the Rebels and claim power-ups in locations throughout the United Kingdom... For every flag you plant, and every power up you claim, you shall earn gold coins, which you shall then be able to transfer into the Fable III game on your Xbox 360!"

The official Fable III Kingmaker website lists an October 1 release date for the app, but does not specify platforms.

Fable III Kingmaker launches this week [CVG]


    I'm totally lost, hope the release will clear things up on how this exactly works.

    Very cool, i was hoping they'd release something like this :)

    Two things:

    1) "United Kingdom" - If this is a GPS game then we're screwed.

    2) multiplatform...? - I have an Android phone (which is apparently very popular with Gamers (can't find source link atm))

    What about the PC version? Will this work with that?

      another question is are the 360 version and PC version being released at the same time?

        no, the PC version has been delayed, with no release date announced, just microsoft assuring us that it will eventually come out.

    It sounds like an AR (augmented reality) game, where you go somewhere in real life and you claim it virtually. So it'll only where where it's set up to work... hopefully they'll do it internationally, it'd be pretty funny to see some of the places that get claimed.

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