Fable III Screens: Mills & Boon For The Xbox 360

Get a load of these guys! They're in this video game, but were it not for the giant FABLE III watermarks, we could have told you they were part of Fabio: The Game and you'd be none the wiser.


    I sorta want to play this game, but I sorta don't want to have my character look like a ponce. Is there some settings I can turn off in the 'options' menu?

    I agree. I make a point about having every RPG character I design be as hideous as possible. Dragon Age's Dwarf Male customisation takes the cake here, you can make some pretty damn ugly mofos with their system.

      The Sims 2 had a glitch where you could massively over-extend the facial proportions. I had a family of hideous platypus people. It was glorious.

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