Fall's Here, Summer's Dead

The corn mazes are open, the pumpkins on sale, the leaves are turning brown and, if Mother Nature didn't hate us, it would be getting cooler here in the northern hemisphere.

That's right it's fall, time not only to prepare for the coming of winter, but also the spending of money. While the glory days of winters past gaming gluts may have subsided, the lead up to December and the holidays are still packed with some of the best games of the year.

This week we're going to be walking you through what to expect, what to anticipate, what to dread in the way of the new season of gaming.

That means chunky guides to the games hitting over the course of these three months, as well as a look at some of the coming hardware and a re-examination of our popular buying guides,

Now that the year's big shows, almost all of them, have passed us by, what is the current thinking on whether now is the time to pick up a new console or portable? Stay tuned as we roll out those answers and more this week.

Now excuse me, I have a yard to winterise and the first few dead leaves to place in a pathetically small pile in my front yard.


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