FIFA 11's Demo Arrives, Features Unlockables

FIFA 11's demo went live on both consoles' download services today, providing you with six top-flight international clubs and a range of difficulty settings to get a feel for this year's edition.

Chelsea, Barcelona, Juventus, Olympique Lyonnais, Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen are your team options. You may choose a difficulty level at the demo's launch and play with three-minute halves.

Of particular note, those also playing the EA Sports Facebook game FIFA Superstars also unlock some benefits in both games for playing. Playing the demo delivers 11 match tokens. Scoring a goal in the demo unlocks a Gold-level player for use in Superstars; winning five matches adds both 30,000 coins to spend in Superstars, plus Arsenal for use in the demo. And just playing 10 matches adds another 11 Match tokens for Superstars, plus Emirates Stadium in the demo.

Additionally, you may upload replays from the demo to the game's website.

Queue the download for Xbox 360 here.


    Just downloaded it now and played it for a bit.

    Arsenal were available immediately, and I've gotten a few rewards for the FIFA Superstars game (22 match tokens is a lot! Just a shame I got players worse than what I had)

    Just playing Barcelona vs Bayer Leverkusen, you can see how different 11 is to 10. The computer is a lot smarter, opposing players show a lot more individualism, and aren't so quick to pass the ball off if they are good dribblers of the ball.

    Celebrations are a lot more in-depth, as is the crowd noise (which will only improve in the final version when people put up recorded chants from actual games in).

    I said to myself I wouldn't buy 11 this year and keep giving EA money, but it appears so good already, and with the improvements in manager mode and being a goalkeeper, there is no doubt in my mind now to actually buy it.

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