Final Fantasy XIV Beta Is No Go

Who's ready to get the Final Fantasy XIV open beta party started? Not Square Enix.

The open beta for Final Fantasy XIV, due to kick off today at 7pm Pacific, has been postponed indefinitely while Square Enix irons out some critical bugs that cropped up at the last minute.

FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, which is scheduled to begin at 19:00 (PDT) on Aug. 31, 2010, will be postponed due to a confirmation of critical bugs. New schedule will be released at a later date.

That's not a good sign for a game that's supposed to launch on September 22 for Collector's Edition purchasers (September 30 for regular customers). If critical bugs can pop up this late in the game, I'm not looking forward to trying to play this game at launch.

Along with the delay of the open beta, Square Enix is also halting the issuance of new beta codes and taking down the beta client installer later this evening.

Anyone sharing my worries?

FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test Postponed [Square Enix - Thanks Rob!]


    why bother with a beta when people are only gona be allowed to play for 1hour a day

      A Beta phase is good for everyone. Blizzard knows this more than anyone and all their games have Betas, this allows them to iron out kinks well before retail, as well as listen to community feedback and re-balance.

      Making a closed/open Beta will give SE thousands of game-hours worth of material for which to tweak the game pre-release, the sort of testing that a handful of developers will never be able to rack up.

      On top of that, fans will get a taste of how the final product will be. The Min/Maxers gain an 'edge' on launch.

    Why is everyone freaking over this Fatigue system? You're obviously not doing the math.

    I said this on the news on the Fatiuge system. you have 18 classes to level up, 8 hours to spend on each, any way you want, for one character.
    The "One Hour" example was so you can play a certain class each day of the week without hitting Fatigue state.
    144 hours for each of the 18 classes, and only 168 hours a week, that's 2 hours of sleep a day if you play every class, for one character.

    Honestly, why are you people freaking out of this Fatigue system? It's put in so class levels are kept at a certain rate, so casuals can keep up with 'cores with a certain class, but 'cores can have more than one class leveling up a week.

    I just find this outcry over a sound tactic for VARIETY in game play the whining of one-class MMO players.

      People like to specialise. Ask any high level WoW guild and they only accept a single 'main' class. I have my (admittedly too well geared) alts, but I only raid with them when I have time and the opportunity arises.

      Ultimately, SE shouldn't be telling its players how they should spend their time. A little faith and responsibility on their part would be nice.

        Yes, that's a valid arguement, in a game where you have one class, but FFXIV, like it's predecessor FFXI, is a multi-class character system. WoW is a single class system.
        The comparison's just don't fit well.

        Besides, only 7 classes of the 18 are battle orientated, the other 11 are the three "Main" Gathering classes and then 8 crafting classes.
        WoW had say one character a warrior, but his gather/crafting were his to choose. FFXIV allows you to save your time for you 'Main' class by having your crafting and gathering time on a separate class.
        Sure, the battle classes can gather too, how else can the leatherworker get teh hides to work with, or the cook the meat he needs for a red meat dish?

        I just find that everyone's outcry over this is because they're too used to WoW's Single-class structure. Sure, it's worked well for them, but Final Fantasy has grown up with the ability to choose your classes and how you play with those classes since the beginning.

        Even on the Website, the example for the Armoury System, and by proxy, the Fatigue system, your time with your classes is yours to choose, you can spend the morning training your low level Gladiator but join your friends, on the same character, using your high level thaumaturge around noon for a dungeon, and later in the afternoon after the dungeon, you can go fishing with your Fisherman class, before going back to the city to take up the Blacksmith's hammer and fixing up your armor.

        Sure you have Alts in WoW, but that's a whole new character, and with what I've said, the only reason you'd need to make another character is probably the change of Race and Tribe benefits that come with the change. Gender will doubtfully have any impact on those benefits.

        And as for SE telling us how to spend our time, it's so you will use the myraid of classes at your disposal. They worked hard to create the system, they want you to find your main classes, find out what works for you, not stick to one class and level it out to the wazoo while your other classes collect dust.

        I could continue to rant about why you need to get the thought of a One-Class system out of your head for this game but I think what I've rambled on with so far shall suffice for now....

          The fact still remains that they are still trying to force us to play a certain way, when it should be about giving the player freedom to do what they want. Or rather, the illusion that they have freewill. Just seems like poor game design.

          They could have just as easily turned this system into a reward system by adjusting the numbers i.e. give EXP bonuses for playing other classes, instead of punishing players for playing the same class.

          The fact that they are hard-capping experience per week (not just class skill ups), tells me SE have ulterior motives. Could be, perhaps, to buy themselves more time to finish end-game content.

            You can really pick out the WoW players eh? To be able to go and play any class at any time you want just by having the right weapon in your inventory is as much freedom as you can really get..

            I don't hear you whinging about wow only allowing you to have 2 primary professions.. Or having to re-roll from lvl 1 for every class you want to play, rather than keep your higher HP etc.. Like comparing apples and Oranges. All because Wow is all about freewill. Right guys? right?

            Hard-Capping XP to buy time to finish end-game content, I admit, could be a possibility. But iirc wow tried something like this in their original beta and took it out because of the immense QQ.

            But hater's gonna hate, right?

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