Final Fantasy XIV MMO Log Prologue: Character Creation

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with character creation.

You might recall the four-part MMO log we did earlier this year leading up to our review of Star Trek Online. Well we're doing it again, and by we I mean me, for Final Fantasy XIV.

Kicking things off is a video of me creating the character I'll be taking this journey with. Long-time readers will find my character choice to be pretty much what they expected.

Tune in next week for the first full log.


    Hi Mike. I was wondering, now that FFXIV is out, if it is worth buying and playing? I am not someone who is interested in MMO but would love to dedicate myself to one. Is this a good start?


      If you're new to the MMO thing, there's absolutely no reason for you to NOT choose WoW. It's almost like wanting to get into a particular sport but disregarding the most popular one with the healthiest player base, most polished game to choose the one almost no-one plays but the most hardcore and dedicated (I don't know, D&D)

      WoW accommodates all players from absolute new beginners to the most hardcore raiders.

    My prediction: FF14 will be populated by 90 % catgirls :P

    disappointing... unable to select body size like
    Fat or Thin
    Tall or Short
    Muscular or Not

    The clothing customisation is also limited. Expect to see similar characters all over the MMO world... boring....

    Hmm, I was assuming the release version would have more options than the open beta, but it seems not.

    FF14 is pretty far behind other MMOs in character customisation. Even PSO on Dreamcast had more options!

    in ff14 a journey of a thousand miles begins with no hardware mouse option and unbearable lag

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