Fire Pro Wrestling Is All Avatars, No Beefy Men

Fire Pro Wrestling is returning, but this time it's coming to Xbox Live Arcade, and it's way cuter. But does that mean the buff Fire Pro Wrestling of days gone by have been passed over in favour of Xbox 360 Avatars?

"Our plan is that it is just Avatars," Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer tells Kotaku. "I guess there is the possibility for us to do celebrity Avatars if we wanted to."

The Fire Pro Wrestling series began under developer Human Entertainment in the late 1980s. Tokyo-based developer Spike picked up the baton and took the reigns of the series starting in 2000.

Fire Pro Wrestling features a timing-based grappling mechanic. While the beefy fighters appear to have changed for something, well, cuter, the deep gameplay looks like it is going to stay.

"This specifically was an idea Spike had around Avatar wrestling," Spencer continues. "But Fire Pro obviously has a mechanic and a depth, that people appreciate. And that's why we wanted to stay with the brand. So people could understand what our aspiration was. So that we could stay true to that franchise."

Spencer was quick to point out that Fire Pro Wrestling was a temporary title. "We don't know the final name, just to be completely honest."



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