Fire Pro-Wrestling Returns, Now Cuter To Xbox 360

Japan's venerable wrasslin' series, Fire Pro-Wrestling, is back and now on the Xbox 360. And now with Xbox 360 Avatars as playable grapplers.

Spike, the developer of the Fire Pro-Wrestling series as of the year 2000, will be creating a new entry for Xbox Live Arcade for release in 2011. Fire Pro-Wrestling lets you customise your avatar wrestler from a selection of costumes, unlock new moves over the course of your career in the squared circle and compete online.

Fire Pro-Wrestling has always been known more for its deep gameplay and character customisation, something we hoped continues in the newest iteration. Avatars, though. Hmmm.


    If you're a wrestling fan and you've never played the Fire Pro series, then you've NEVER gamed.

    This is a franchise I've heard quite a bit about. I hope it comes to the Australian XBL because I haven't played a decent wrestling game in years.


    *Imagines some kid trying "the peoples elbow" move and breaking an arm*

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