Firefall's Gameplay Looks As Pretty As Its Cinematic Trailer

Forget for a moment that Firefall is "borrowing" its premise. This cinematic trailer for the multiplayer shooter looks expensive and sure is pretty.

It slipped through the cracks of our PAX coverage, so for that, Firefall fans, sorry!

If you think this all looks and sounds a lot like Blizzard meets Tribes, well... two of the men behind it are former Blizzard lead designer Mark Kern and former Tribes lead designer Scott Youngblood.

Enjoy the cinematic trailer? Here's some gameplay to go with it. Looks nice! Cel-shaded but subtle, just the way it should be.


    This looks incredible. I'm gonna be all over that when it's released!

    wow, that is epic, and I don't say that often.

    show support for an oceanic server people !

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