First Look At New Fatal Frame

A new entry in the survival horror Fatal Frame series is in the cards for the Nintendo Wii. Details on the game are scant, but the new entry is expected to be out next year.

With Mio and Mayu Amakura from Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly in these screens, it looks like this could be a Wii remake for that title, rather than a completely new game.


    I'd rather Nintendo bring Project Zero 4 to western countries than a remake of PZ2. Surely they'd make more money that way. There are so many people importing and using a patch to play it, it doesn't make sense not to release it in PAL and NTSC areas.

    aww not Mio and mayu again

    I recognise some of those areas. I played the hell out of PZ2 until PZ3 came out. A remake would be nice, but I'm still disappointed by how I'll need to mod my Wii if I ever want to play PZ4. I doubt they'll bring this one over, either.

    If only Nintendo didn't buy the rights to the Project Zero series...

    Are Grasshopper involved with this? I'd be down if they were, PZ4 looked great (although, y'know... I'll never really play it...)

    I'd like to see a compilation of the Project Zero (Fatal Frame) series on the Wii instead of a remake of the 2nd game.

    A compilation of the first 3 Fatal Frame games, released on Wii, and avaliable in the West, would be great.

    I should add that Tecmo received a lot of mail from Westerners that wanted a western release of Fatal Frame 4. Of course, that didn't get Westerners their game, but it did get an acknowledgement from Tecmo's press office.

    But knowing Nintendo, this will probably be Japan only. This game seems to be just a remake of Project Zero 2.

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