First Resistance 3 Screens Paint A Grim Picture

A collection of screenshots and concept art for Resistance 3 have surfaced, painting a wonderfully dark picture of the United States in the grip of the Chimeran forces.

Kotakuite Darkos87 pointed us towards these fresh Resistance 3 screenshots and concept art pieces on Flickr, giving us our first look at the third game in Insomniac's hit series since the live-action trailer shown at GamesCom.

These are some gorgeous shots. It's nice to finally get a glimpse of what's happening on our side of the pond.


    I don't care if this isn't the right spot to say it, but...

    As a series, I really really hate Resistance. It got good reviews despite being such a mediocre game... I bought and played both games, and I didn't finish either of them just because of how god awful they were. It's just trial and error, play, die, step slightly to the left... continue for five minutes, die, etc... The screens look nice, (however extremely touched up... like R2) but I refuse to buy this game.

      Wow... seems like you hate most games then. COD, Halo, MGS, Splinter Cell... just a few I thought i'd mention that you would also hate due to the trial and error style gameplay.

      To me resistance has a good story line, I've played all three resistance games so far, enjoyed them all. Gives you a strong sense of the war going badly which i think is good for a change. Kinda makes you a little more involved.

      I actually liked the first Resistance. Sure, it was pretty mediocre on its own but when you compare it to Killzone, Halo, Call of Duty and just about every other current-gen franchise Resistance 1 is easily one of the best. Too bad they messed up Resistance 2 so muc. I'm finding it hard to get excited about a third game.

        Yeah, I quite liked R1 - it wasn't brilliant gameplay, but a game set in a recognisable England was a nice change of pace, and the story was a welcome relief from all the WW2 FPS games at the time.

        I didn't dig R2 so much, probably because it was transplanted to the US which we've all played in many times. Still, it wasn't terrible, I really should finish it one of these days...

        I think the biggest problem the series has had is stacking up against KZ2 and other PS3 shooters...

      Well, thank god we we have you here to give us all the facts. Otherwise, we'd have to rely on our personal opinions, which are obviously meaningless next to your infallible wisdom. Tell us more, oh great one! /sarcasm

      Seriously, you're a giant tool. The reason why the Resistance games got good reviews was because many people liked them, the fact that you didn't doesn't make them objectively bad, contrary to what you arrogantly tell yourself and us. Take your head out of your ass.


        Somebody's a bit defensive, aren't they? I'm no shrink, but you sound awfully like someone who's trying to justify their money wastage. It's actually the biggest compliment when I get an overwhelmingly personal and emotional response to one of my opinions - and that's all it was, does my opinion detract from your enjoyment of a game? - and it's because you know I'm right. I'm glad what I think is that important to you. Now go on, call me gay.

        And @Wopenk, no I don't hate all those games, and I don't think you can really compare resistance to any of them. I don't play through MGS4 or Halo or whatever dying every five seconds due to cheap game design. For example, the giant swarm of buggy things in the later stages of R2, which are insta death if you don't run to the right spot at the right time. Both games were filled with those kind of moments... and it's just not fun for me. It's not a challenge as much as it's an annoyance.

        So yeah, I stand by what I said, I'm not wasting another cent on this series.

    I feel exactly the same way about both Resistance AND Halo. Everyone's a winner (or, rather, loser)!

    It looks like the player might not be Hale, which I think is a good thing (I'm not liking his story in R2).

    i like playing games but its the story that makes the game more intersting and resistance the series has got a good one, but the story is almost the same as quake. i hope part 3 changes it.

    Been looking forward to this one since the end of 2. Love the series, and never could get interested in Halo. At all. Gears of War, on the other hand, is my fave Xbox game series. Third person, I know, but meh.

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