Fluidity Is A Lovely Loco Roco For The Wii

Nintendo's new game at Penny Arcade Expo 2010 is Fluidity, a downloadable WiiWare game that has you sloshing water through the pages of a magical book called the Aquaticus. This game's a beauty. I have three clips to prove it.

In the first clip, you can see a Nintendo representative showing the basics of the controls. Hold the Wii remote sideways and tilt it to tilt the word; shake it to make the water jump. These are essentially the same movement mechanics seen in Sony's beloved and beautiful Loco Roco series. In Sony's game, you amass globs of round Loco Roco creatures who can clump into a bigger blob or re-separate. In Fluidity, you amass water drops into a splash of water

The second clip shows more of the puzzle gameplay. The watery physics makes me think of Q-Games' PixelJunk Shooter. The muted-color graphic novel style makes me think of science textbooks and Chris Ware graphic novels. These are all good aesthetic overlaps, as far as I'm concerned.

As you find rainbow drops, as seen in the clip above, you unlock new sections of the interactive book, allowing you access to harder levels.

Nintendo released an official trailer, which shows more of the game in action, including the ability to change the water. It can be ice or, I believe, some sort of explosive steam.

There is no release date for the game yet. Nintendo is publishing, but it was unclear who made the game. If you're at PAX in Seattle this weekend, I recommend stopping by Nintendo's booth and playing it.


    Personally I can't see much originality here.

    To me, although it looks interesting, it's Loco Roco - only slower, harder to control (presumably), less imaginative and less original.

    Maybe I'm biased. I absolutely loved Loco Roco on PSP. But I'd argue that if you're going to make something similar, add a hook or something cool to differentiate it.

    Looks interesting and maybe a bit of fun, too bad its on wii

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