Football Mario Doesn't Appreciate Mushroom Trash Talk

Compare him to a video game plumber all day long; all it does is make Houston Texans defensive end Mario Williams tackle Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb harder.

Just because the Houston team's stadium regularly flashes a Super Mario Bros cartoon on its jumbotron doesn't mean it is OK to taunt Mario Williams with mushroom-related comments. Redskins fans found that out the hard way on Sunday, during a game that ended in a 30-27 overtime victory for the Texans. What fuelled William's three McNabb sacks?

"It was crazy," Williams said. "People were yelling at me right behind us on the bench, asking, 'Have I eaten my mushroom?' I listen to fans, and they have to realise that the stuff they say gets taken out on their quarterback.

What Mario is saying here is that the mushrooms worked, giving him the extra power needed to take down McNabb. I smell a fungal endorsement deal!

More than super [Houston Chronicle via SportsGrid]


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