Four New Screens From Ocarina Of Time 3DS

To go with that gameplay footage we saw earlier, here are four new screens of the 3DS port of The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.

The first one is probably the most important, as it shows off the game's dual-screen controls, with the new touch-screen inventory system on display. The rest? They show that on the 3DS Link gets a little smoother and the grass gets a little greener.


    I will pay money for this. Even though I already have OoT on both N64 and Virtual Console.

    Am i the only person who thinks that the graphics are sub-par for the 3DS. Of course we cant tell right now, but judging from the software lineup video, these graphics are worse than something like RE: Revelations 3DS imo. This looks like something that could be achieved on the psp.

    Chris, go look up "Ocarina Of Time on PSP". Check the mad frame rate.

      Yea I understand what you mean, ocarina is a pretty big game so its going to need some horsepower. But seriously, look at the ground textures in the first few screen shots. I probably have too high standards for such an awesome game though lol

    why are they remaking something that was already awesome enough the first time?

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