Frank West Returns In New Dead Rising Title

Capcom tonight showed off another new game in the Dead Rising series: Dead Rising: Case West.

Serving as an "epilogue" to the latest game, it will star both Dead Rising 2's Chuck Greene and Dead Rising's Frank West. Which explains that photo of the two together.

Case West will be a downloadable title, similar to the recent Case Zero, and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.


    Not co-op? Kind of sucky. Still, if DR2 is good I'll get both Case Zero and and this. That's an if, though.

      Case Zero is only 400 points. If you want to know whether or not DR2 is any good, why not get Case Zero?

        Because I think I'm going to mainly do co-op in DR2, which Case Zero doesn't have :P

    Awesome! Frank West!

    Just please keep the price at 400 unless it is a significant expansion. Otherwise you will just piss people off



    Damned people and their exclusivity for third party stuffs.

    Is Capcom trying to deliberately tank the PS3 version? PS3 owners may not have played the original, and not having access to these downloadable bookends could serve to dissuade them from purchase.

    For those of us that own both consoles, I have no interest in touching the PS3 version if Capcom won't support it.

      I highly doubt it's Capcom not supporting it. It's more likely Microsoft throwing tonnes of coin Capcoms way to get the exclusives.

    Sooooooooo...Frank West survived? That's not the ending I played.

      Yep theres seven endings from memory. (Haven't played it in a while). The complete and cannon ending includes overtime mode. Frank and Isabella made it out.

    Why's he there though?

    I thought he'd be off covering wars or something.

    the dialogue should have gone: Chuck: "You ready for this?" Frank: "I've covered wars you know"

    Faaaantastic, PC gets shafted as well. This is TOTALLY making me want to buy the product, what with the DLC not being released at the same time or at all.

    Seconded Kezza, no Case Zero or Case West for PC players makes me pissed off! F*^(&%ing MS!

    I think it's awesome that this is strictly for 360 owners. Wasn't the original Dead Rising an Xbox exclusive? So people that own only the PS3 won't even know who frank West is OR his story. Besides, Microsoft is pretty good at getting exclusives to make the multi-platform games a little bit better.

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