Gal☆Gun Is Xbox 360's Cutest Or Creepiest Japanese 'Shooter'

You're the most popular kid in school (for just one day). Every girl in your class has fallen for you... but they stand between you and your true love. Take 'em down with your Pheromone Shot. This is Gal☆Gun.

Or, if you prefer, simply Gal Gun. Alchemist's new on-rails first-person shooter for the Xbox 360 pits you and your pheromone-firing powers against dozens of female admirers who try to win your affection with love notes, submissive gestures and glistening doe-eyed looks of love. And although you're trying to fend off all this admiration, you can, in Doki Doki Mode, target girls part by part and assault them with your pheromone shot.

Of course, that means plenty of upskirt opportunities. Gal Gun also apparently has action scenes involving helicopter-based abductions and tentacled things that go after nubile gals in Japanese school girl uniforms.

Here is Gal Gun in motion. It might help clear up any confusion you're having.

Inti Creates, developer of the Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man 9 and 10 and a bunch of Crayon Shin-chan games is responsible for this.

Gal Gun will be playable at Tokyo Game Show this week. We'll be blasting pheromones all over the place to see how good it is.



    No... seriously, is there something in the water in Japan?

      Why did I have to be born into this world somewhere that isn't Japan...


    It has nice graphics? That's all the good I can say about it really. I love Japan, but come on, I hate this kind of stuff. Now, if you were shooting them with an actual gun, with blood and death and stuff like that, it would be somewhat interesting.

    What will they think of next? Wait, don't answer that.

    "Inti Creates, developer of the Mega Man Zero series, Mega Man 9 and 10, ... is responsible for this."

    ...This is by far the strangest thing about this game.


    Not as bad as touch the witch. Still pretty bad though.

    Inti Creates did this...

    i am dissapoint.

    Is Pheromone shot a euphemism for something else?
    I laughed so hard when I watched this.

    Looks interesting, shame I'd never get to play it. The Umineko reference was a nice touch though.

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