Gears Of War Studio To Buy Failed MMO?

MMO title All Points Bulletin failed and took its developer with it. So why on Earth would a company as successful as Epic Games be interested in buying the rights to the game?

A report on the BBC says that, according to a "source close to the development team", a few companies are showing interest in picking at the corpse of the game, seeing if there's a pocket watch or gold filling to be had. One of the those companies is Epic Games, the studio behind one of the industry's most popular graphics engines (and the Gears of War and Unreal Tournament series).

Adding to this speculation is a Eurogamer report, citing a "Dundee development source" (Realtime were based in Dundee, Scotland) that says "[Realtime boss]Dave Jones and Epic is quite the talking point in town. He and Mr Rein are good chums and have worked together on many levels for years and years and years. And he's not going to raise much money/staff here in the near future."

Eurogamer also reports that Jones recently moved to the US.

Being both catastrophically unpopular and lacking in any real memorable hook, it's tough imagining why Epic would want the rights to APB. Unless they just like the name!

Massive multiplayer game APB to shut down [BBC]

Epic Games may buy APB - report [Eurogamer]


    It would be nice if they picked it up. I'd been interested in this for a while, but then no australian launch/servers, then them going bankrupt...

    Hope something comes out of it.

    i hope someone buys it just for customization elements of it, i didnt buy abp but the character editor seemed like one of the most detailed creator suits ive ever seen.

    I was keen for it as a console release back in the day. But like every MMO scheduled for the 360, it get effed in the aye pretty quickly after that.

    Maybe Epic are wanting to make Unreal an MMO shooter, and looking at this as the skeletal structure for such an event...?

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