Geek And Gamer Girls Will Likely Be Irritated By This Video gathers Katee Sackhoff, Stan Lee, a rapping Seth Green and several scantily clad models for this parody of Katy Perry's "California Gurls", "Geek and Gamer Girls", which are apparently attractive women who love posing naked with toys.

The video scores points for namedropping the likes of Final Fantasy and Doctor Who, but in terms of advancing the cause of gamer girls it fails miserably. I'm no expert, but I suspect that girls who enjoy geeky things like playing video games would just rather be considered gamers or geeks than having the word "girl" thrown in front of everything they do as a qualifier.

I on the other hand, love rolling around naked with toys flying in the air, covering up my naughty bits. Look for that video to appear on Kotaku sometime after hell freezes over.


    To quote Strips 'Lighten up Francis'. That was funny and clever.

      Yep, Sergeant Hulka said it and it definitely applies here.

      I think the only thing that Gamer Girls could really be offended by is perhaps being represented by women who are not likely, Gamer Girls. However, it's just as offensive to assume that attractive women in the entertainment and/or fashion (objectification) industry are not gamers too. It's a broad culture now, with surprising members.

    Day officially made - and it's only just gone 9am... brilliant! :D

    I wouldn't have much trouble believing Seth Green was a fan of Sailor Moon.

    Oh god, does the original sound like that? I couldn't get halfway through the vid because the song was hurting my head.

    Now I remember why I don't listen to the radio.

      I had Slayer playing while I watched so for me it was pretty awesome.

    My girlfriend has been dreaming of Borderlands for the past two nights lol (we just started playing). The video was tacky.

      The singing was far worse than the clip though... at least the clip had stan lee to giggle at...
      And that dude in the Flash outfit.. god bless his cotton socks!

    I freaked out when i thought that was a naked Olivia Wilde.

    Worth it just for the girl dressed as Psylocke.

    Actually, as both a girl and a gamer, I loved it. Totally made my day.

    Did michelle shoot first?

    Who is the Hans Solo chick I recognize her from something and cant picture it.

      She was Riley in The Guild. Maybe you're thinking of that.

      Stupid Tall Hot Chick from "The Guild" ??

      That was Michele Boyd from The Guild. She played Riley, the bitchy FPS chick who went out with Zaboo in season 3.

        The Chick from the Guild Of course.

    Unfortunately, my experience of gamer girls, in particular any that play CoD4, are that they are straight up addicted to declaring to the world their gender. Had this one real irritating girl called Devil's Girl who just wouldn't shut up about her being a girl for several maps. She spent so much time filling up the screen with BS that I honestly don't think she played more than 10 minutes out of a couple hours. Everytime we told her to shut up and play, she got on her "I'm a girl gamer and you're just going to have to accept that" high horse and rode it to bloody death. She's not the only i've seen do it. Of course, I can only notice the super obnoxious ones, since i'm sure many other gamer girls are content to just play the bloody games.

    That was pretty cheesy, not life-changing/day-making in a positive or a negative light for me, just bleh.

    Except for Katee Sackhoff's , I wasn't expecting a "So Say We All"! It knocked me for a little bit of a loop.

    Also, damn, she seems to have lost that Starbuck hard-ass edge to her and looking like quite a comely lass...

    I have done end-game raids with two of these ladies. They are skilled, serious gamers.

    These are totally not "scantily-clad models." These are actresses with some actual nerd chops. (Unless you were talking about the dudes dancing in the background. They were totally just there to be eye candy.) It's TeamUnicornFTW. They are hilarious and doing some groundbreaking stuff. They took a hypersexualized music video entirely about women's bodies and made it about their actual interests while poking fun at the way women are viewed in fandom. Now, they stop short of ever, for one moment, appearing unsexy themselves. So they have more geek cred than feminist cred, but since they weren't trying to make a feminist statement, I don't see why that matters. Sneering at woman-inclusive media in the genre would be way worse for gamer ladies, but I'm sure that's not what's happening in this article.

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