Google Instant Vs Video Games

Google launched a new search service today, which returns query results as you type them in. Let's see how it handles some of the most popular video game series.

The test is simple. Keep typing in the title to a video game or series until Google Instant turns up a result. See how many letters it takes. Presumably, the bigger the series, the faster the result, though the first few letters of a game's name help; Zelda doesn't have much competition, for example.

The most impressive? Metal Gear Solid, Team Fortress 2 and Tetris, the first two because they show up having just typed words as common as "metal" and "team", the latter because all it needed was a "te".


    RE = Red dead redemption
    X = xbox
    P = Pirate Bay (lol)
    I = Isohunt
    PS = PS3

    It is an interesting indicator of the most searched and accessed webpages, no?

    ummm. Didn't google have this already. There's even pages that have screen caps of odd results showing up - for example.

      I think the difference here is that the links actually appear outside the drop-down bar (if you look at the screenshots the search results are already there. What used to happen was just suggestions (in the drop-down bar) that you could pick, and then it would search...

      tldr; this searches as you type, not just suggests

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