Gran Turismo 5 Screenshot Overkill

It's taken six years for us to get Gran Turismo 5. It may take you that long to get through all these screenshots. And before you ask, no. It's not a joke. That combi van will be drivable.

Weird decision including the Kubelwagen, too, since it's basically a Nazi jeep. The other screens show off the gorgeous Citroen GT, the game's weather effects and some of the "legacy" (so, from older games) race tracks featured in the game, which will be out in November.


    It is spelt Kombi!!!

    And before you gasp at the fact that a kombi is in GT, take a look at this clip. About 1 minute in.


    YES TRIAL MOUNTAIN!!!! best time attack course in GT series =D

    Oh my, van races.

    See why you waited 6 years, folks? A combi van. A freakin' combi van.

      ... and to me, that makes it a VERY worth while wait.

      And it is spelt Kombi!!!

    Looks more and more mindblowing each time I see it...

    That Citroen GT is orgasmic

    Anybody have links to highres versions of these?

    I've always wanted to drive in the Uncanny Valley!

    6 years of waiting for an obsessive-compulsive perfectionist to make his game more realistic than actual real life- and it is vindicated even in stills. Im not even a huge racing/driving game fan but the Signature Edt will be in the collection, if only to look at between Black Ops respawns for the first month or so.

    The 3D motion blur will definitely make for some mid-loungeroom vomitus, not as much as Motorstorm Apocalypse tho...

      My thoughts exactly, not a huge car racing fan, but it's Gran Turismo 5, gotta have it!

    Should have gotten myself a PS3! But no.. I got myself an xbox 360 instead... Ah well.

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