Great At Gaming, Bad At Driving

Justin Wong is a world-class fighting-game player. The guy will kick your arse. He is also a world-class terrible driver. Don't believe me?

Here is a clip from reality program WCG Ultimate Gamer in which Wong makes a mess of a race track. He says he doesn't have real life driving experience - and it shows!

Shame this wasn't a bonus stage from Street Fighter II. He's got destroying the car down.

Wong, who has won numerous fighting game championship, is perhaps best known for this fight against Daigo Umehara.

Thanks MrGosukiller!


    That was....horrible.

    Not to self. Do not ride with this guy behind the wheel.

    probably because he's asi...

    If he has never driven a real car before, he didn't do too badly!

    Hahaha. Must have been his very first time driving.
    I know my very first time driving I had my right foot on the accelerator and my left foot over the brakes. >_<

    Would of made my day if he had the blinkers on too.

    Hahahahaha, this was hilarious!

    I heard he was from New York, hence no driving experience

    I would have thought most of the issues came from the fact the entire car was blacked out and he was driving from a thrid person perspective from a camera mounted on that large boom coming from the rear.

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