GTA: Chinatown Wars Hits iPad

We missed this in our round-up of upcoming released this week, but the handheld version of Rockstar's open-world formula has hit the app store, in the form of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars HD.

Rockstar has done a bit of fanangling with numbers, taking averages from both Metacritic's and GameRankings' DS and PSP scores, to proclaim Chinatown Wars the "highest-rated handheld title of this console generation".

Whereas most iPad games rely on simple, addictive mechanics, Chinatown Wars HD offers up 500MB of the top-down vehicular manslaughter we've all come to love. A gameplay video can be seen below.


    I might have to pick this up, the controls look awesome!

      I don't know about the controls. Ive never liked the emulated controllers on screen. The lack of tactile feedback is always going to hold back iPhone/iPad gaming in my opinion. I did like the way Chaos Rings had the controlled appear wherever you plonked your finger down though.

      I found the controls impossible so I just stopped playing it on my iPod touch. I might give it a go again, but so far it's insanely difficult to get any kind of control over the vehicles, whether you use the onscreen digital or onscreen analogue controls.

      Maybe there's something I'm missing, like tilt controls?

    I picked this up and I have only really had a cursory 20min play to get the feel for it but so far I was impressed.
    The larger screen really makes a difference.

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