Guitar Hero Pros Can Meet Metallica

Reckon you're pretty badass at Guitar Hero? The ol' plastic axe? Aching for those good old days of Guitar Hero 3, when you couldn't sleep through Expert tracks? Well Activision is giving you the chance to be crowned the ultimate Australian Warrior of Rock - with $10,000 for the winner, and a meet & greet with Metallica.

It's a two-part competition. For those who lack the finger fidelity, you can show up to one of Activision's booths in Westfield shopping centres, dressed up in your best rock god gear for a chance to win some games and an entertainment package.

But the real competition is online. If you think you've got what it takes, you can register on this page and then upload a screenshot or photo of your best score in any of the following songs:

Dire Straits - “Money for Nothing” Avenged Sevenfold - “Bat Country” Muse - “Uprising” My Chemical Romance - “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” Soundgarden - “Black Rain” Black Sabbath - “Children of the Grave”

The top 20 scoring players in each state will take part in state finals, which involve playing a mystery track, chosen on the day from the above list. State competition prizes are pretty cool in themselves. But 1st-place state winners of the state finals will be flown to the Grand Final at Acer Arena in Sydney, where a prize of $10,000 awaits whoever can ignore the pressure of the Channel V Dome:

Full details on the competition page.


    Dammit, I'm so out of practice. I'll enter but I doubt I'll get far enough to win anything. Would absolutely love one of those shiny new 360's though.

    Great comp, goodluck to all. It's a pity they chose easy songs though nothing less that 100% would work with the right.

    On a side note, how about they allow us to import all the guitar hero metallica songs, or us there something I'm missing?

      I *think* you need to buy the capability through XBL/PSN.

        Yeh but it's not on psn or anywhere in the game that I can see, and I have already got all the other gh games

    Screw Metallica. More like win a competition to have Lars Ulrich clean my carpets. Sell-outs.

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